NRCA Steep Slope Roof Systems

The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems


This volume of the NRCA Roofing Manual provides you with comprehensive information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to asphalt shingle, clay and concrete tile, metal shingle, slate, and wood shake and wood shingle roof systems used in steep-slope applications. With five complete sections—Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems, Clay and Concrete Roof Systems, Metal Shingle Roof Systems, Slate Roof Systems, and Wood Shake and Wood Shingle Roof Systems—this manual will be a welcome addition to your technical library.

Each section includes information about roof decks, underlayments, materials, design and installation. The Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems section also includes 20 construction details. The Clay and Concrete Roof Systems section includes 73 construction details. The Metal Shingle Roof Systems section includes 19 construction details. The Slate Roof Systems section includes 21 construction details. The Wood Shake and Wood Shingle Roof Systems section includes 72 construction details.